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Never did I think I would be doing photography as a profession, but here I am, two years into the game and I've done everything from maternity to fashion, from weddings to Army retirements. I always loved taking pictures on my travels, and said I would never do portraits. But God had a plan when he didn't move my husband and I to Florida, but to Germany. I was planning to open a photography business in Florida doing portrait and travel photography, but I guess I was supposed to start that up in Heidelberg, Germany.

It would be my time to learn this craft and I am please to meet other photographers here in Germany and the states who were willing to help. I met people in the Army Community Center who gave me a chance to show my work as a portrait and event photographer. And now everything I live for is photographhy. After searching for that thing that I could call a career, my eyes were opened to the passion I didn't realize a few years ago.

My husband is one of my big supporters, who was patient knowing that I needed to find my niche. I use to think last year, why didn't I start this before? I wanted to kick myself in the butt. Someone, however, pointed out that now is my time, and I held unto that. Never have I felt more happy. Never have I had a hunger to do something and can't think of anything else. It started right there in Germany and I can't wait to take this back to the States.

I have written down my goals for the coming two years and I feel accomplished because I never had set goals to follow. I started a few businesses that haven't flourished as great as my photography business, but I know that I can incorporate them in my future endeavours. I kick myself for not starting photography sooner, but I am not looking back anymore because my career is here to stay.


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